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Eight Reasons to Choose Raw Pet Food Over Processed

March 13, 2014 Ivan Paunovic Animal Nutrition


Raw pet food has been tested for millions of years. Commercial processed foods have only been tested for the last five decades, and long term tests have never been done Tigerwoods chasing blesbucksFoter / CC BY-SA Over millions of years, dogs and cats, as well as their ancestors and relatives, have thrived on a raw […]


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What happens if my cat eats dog food or treats, and vice-versa?

December 22, 2013 Ivan Paunovic, DVM Animal HealthAnimal Nutrition

Cat and Dog Eating Together

The question what happens if my cat eats dog food or dog treats and vice-versa is asked pretty often. First we have to point out that even though cat and dog treats are basically food, they are not considered food in pet industry. A “complete and balanced” pet food must be substantiated for nutritional adequacy, while treats don’t […]


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Misleading Info About Barcodes on Food and Product Origin

August 2, 2013 Ivan Paunovic, DVM News

The image circulating the internet contains misleading information that could hurt both buyers, and American companies, especially small businesses.

Dear friends and pet lovers, IF YOU LOVE YOUR CATS AND DOGS, if you like small US companies that make healthy USA made pet products PLEASE SHARE THIS!!! The image is shared more than 20 000 times and it explains how to use barcodes to find out what country the product is actually made in, […]


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How to Remove a Tick from Your Cat or Dog

May 19, 2013 Ivan Paunovic Animal HealthTip of the Day

A tick, Ixodes scapularis

Finding out that our cat or dog has a tick in their skin is always unpleasant experience. However, there is no need to immediately rush to the veterinarian for help. We are providing you with this simple guide on how to remove a tick from your cat or dog. Please read it carefully, and if […]


Lamb Liver Treats Make Dogs Happy!

April 29, 2013 Ivan Paunovic News

Lamb Liver Treats

We were very excited to receive the video that one of our valuable customers sent to us! Apparently, his dogs were very excited because they were about to get our lamb liver treats! To make dog and cat treats, we use only pasture-raised, human-grade livers, hearts, or kidneys from local California farms that are participating […]


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Liver Treats for Cats and Dogs?

April 12, 2013 Ivan Paunovic Animal Nutrition

Happy Dog

Nutritional value of liver  Liver is considered a delicacy in most of Europe, but has never achieved the same popularity in the United States. Because of our own eating habits and poor understanding of proper foods, our pets often suffer from malnutrition. In the age of ultra-processed pet food, many of us have forgotten that […]


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Salmonellosis in Cats and Dogs

October 5, 2012 Ivan Paunovic Animal Health


Description and Symptoms Salmonellosis in cats and dogs is a foodborne illness caused by Salmonella – a Gram-negative microorganism that often lives in the intestines of humans and animals and includes more than 2000 different types of bacteria. These types are called serotypes, and some of them are more aggressive than others. Salmonella often causes no symptoms at all, […]


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Anal glands, and how to prevent their inflammation

August 12, 2012 Ivan Paunovic, DVM Tip of the Day

Anal glands are small sacks near anus and both cats and dogs have them, but their inflammation is mainly a canine problem.  These glands contain a strong-smelling sticky liquid that is used to mark territory or to express strong fear. The glands empty spontaneously usually during bowel movements. Sometimes however, if not emptied regularly, they can cause an […]


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How to avoid dog bites?

July 11, 2012 Ivan Paunovic, DVM Tip of the Day

In the USA every year a number of deaths are caused by dog bites. Most of these cases are small children killed by family pets or a neighbor’s dogs. US medical personnel treat at least a million dog bites annually; ranging from small scratches to severe mutilations requiring reconstructive surgery. Majority of these bites come […]



Flea Season!

May 9, 2012 Ivan Paunovic, DVM Tip of the Day

It is springtime! Many insects – among them fleas are at their peak. Our pets can easily catch them by playing outside. There are many brands of insecticides on the market that are marked as safe for the animals, but simply using toxins may not be good for overall health of our pets. As the […]


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