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Animal Nutrition

Eight Reasons to Choose Raw Pet Food Over Processed

March 13, 2014 Ivan Paunovic Animal Nutrition


Raw pet food has been tested for millions of years. Commercial processed foods have only been tested for the last five decades, and long term tests have never been done Tigerwoods chasing blesbucksFoter / CC BY-SA Over millions of years, dogs and cats, as well as their ancestors and relatives, have thrived on a raw […]


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What happens if my cat eats dog food or treats, and vice-versa?

December 22, 2013 Ivan Paunovic, DVM Animal HealthAnimal Nutrition

Cat and Dog Eating Together

The question what happens if my cat eats dog food or dog treats and vice-versa is asked pretty often. First we have to point out that even though cat and dog treats are basically food, they are not considered food in pet industry. A “complete and balanced” pet food must be substantiated for nutritional adequacy, while treats don’t […]


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Liver Treats for Cats and Dogs?

April 12, 2013 Ivan Paunovic Animal Nutrition

Happy Dog

Nutritional value of liver  Liver is considered a delicacy in most of Europe, but has never achieved the same popularity in the United States. Because of our own eating habits and poor understanding of proper foods, our pets often suffer from malnutrition. In the age of ultra-processed pet food, many of us have forgotten that […]


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How much to feed our pets?

May 7, 2012 Ivan Paunovic, DVM Animal NutritionTip of the Day

Most people take the easier road when it comes to the feeding of their pets. Some don’t even think about it. They just follow the daily norm. Most of the time it’s easier to read the manual on the food packaged and proceed with the direction given. However, if you are one of those who […]


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