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raw cat food

Eight Reasons to Choose Raw Pet Food Over Processed

March 13, 2014 Ivan Paunovic Animal Nutrition


Raw pet food has been tested for millions of years. Commercial processed foods have only been tested for the last five decades, and long term tests have never been done Tigerwoods chasing blesbucksFoter / CC BY-SA Over millions of years, dogs and cats, as well as their ancestors and relatives, have thrived on a raw […]


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Salmonellosis in Cats and Dogs

October 5, 2012 Ivan Paunovic Animal Health


Description and Symptoms Salmonellosis in cats and dogs is a foodborne illness caused by Salmonella – a Gram-negative microorganism that often lives in the intestines of humans and animals and includes more than 2000 different types of bacteria. These types are called serotypes, and some of them are more aggressive than others. Salmonella often causes no symptoms at all, […]


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Anal glands, and how to prevent their inflammation

August 12, 2012 Ivan Paunovic, DVM Tip of the Day

Anal glands are small sacks near anus and both cats and dogs have them, but their inflammation is mainly a canine problem.  These glands contain a strong-smelling sticky liquid that is used to mark territory or to express strong fear. The glands empty spontaneously usually during bowel movements. Sometimes however, if not emptied regularly, they can cause an […]


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How much to feed our pets?

May 7, 2012 Ivan Paunovic, DVM Animal NutritionTip of the Day

Most people take the easier road when it comes to the feeding of their pets. Some don’t even think about it. They just follow the daily norm. Most of the time it’s easier to read the manual on the food packaged and proceed with the direction given. However, if you are one of those who […]


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Choosing the Right Meats for Cats and Dogs

May 4, 2012 Ivan Paunovic, DVM Tip of the Day

Meat is the most natural food for cats and dogs, and choosing the right meats for cats and dogs is very important. When we talk about meat, we usually don’t think about the total cost of meat production, including great cost to the environment and considerable suffering by the livestock raised on modern farms. Also, […]


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